Monday, February 26, 2007

About Life In Sugar Hollow

Life in Sugar Hollow is a garden blog about my adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Nifty garden and garden-inspired product reviews; local gardening happenings; horticulture, permaculture and organic gardening with a lighter tone; thoughts on native plants; container, vegetable and herb gardening; fun do-it-yourself projects; recipes; and chronicles of my own garden experiments.


Anonymous said...

tracy ..I stumbled on this via the lady whose book on grey gardens you wrote about ..
we do want you to help us with our organic rooftop no deer container garden
nick and reba

Emily said...

I noticed you posted earlier this winter about enjoying Downton Abbey and Upstairs/Downstairs. Did you hear that PBS has a new version premiering on April 10th? Sounds like a must see, even with spring drawing us outside and away from the boob-tube! I really enjoy your blog!