Friday, March 30, 2007

Handmade Herb Beads + Vintage Touches = BlackStar Jewelry

Jewelry-maker and herbalist, BlackStar Jewelry, combines her talents to create these super cool earrings. Made with herb beads and vintage bead caps!

The Rosemary and Jack of Hearts Earrings (left) have rosemary beads that, as BlackStar explains, can be infused with either a drop of rosemary essential oil or a scent of your choice.

The Rose is a Rose Earrings (right) are so delicate. With rose herb beads and vintage filigree bead caps. Almost Victorian . . . these too can be infused with more rose oil or your favorite essential oil.

Visit her Etsy shop.

As much as I love a little bit of dirt under my fingernails, I am a girls girl - so I also love something pretty dangling from my ears. For those of you who wish your herb garden could reside next to you at your desk job, in your car, while running errands - these earrings should suit you perfectly.


Katie said...

Those look familiar!
Thanks for featuring my herb beads. I do love to make them.

Tracey said...

They are SO unique. You are most welcome. I look forward to seeing your future creations!

Jes said...

Katie's FABULOUS I tell you!!