Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hip Herbal Product Watch: Soothing Herbals

Soothing Herbals
Organic Skin Care and Cosmetics
Goshen, VA

I was lucky enough to find herbalist Chin Velasquez's Soothing Herbals booth at our local farmer's market back in 2001. I bought her Floral Facial Scrub, devoured it that summer and have coveted her products ever since.

Chin grows most of her organic herbs out in Goshen and her products are created from her own handcrafted original recipes. Lucky us - they are scrumptious. Think lavendar, calendula, comfrey, shea butter, sweet almond oil and various essential oils. And all without parabens.

She also offers how-to workshops and I was fortunate enough to catch one this past December in Staunton, VA. Make the time for one if you can - the overall experience left me floating and I went home with an herbal eye pillow, an essential oil spritzer, vanilla hand cream and elderberry cough syrup (an item that actually led me to secretly wish for a cough this past winter . . . ).

My Favorites:

Calendula and Chamomile Face Cream - My fickle Irish skins drinks every last drop of this in and I've been splotch-free all winter.
Floral Facial Scrub - Ingredients include French White Clay Powder, so it can double as a mask.
Lavendar Lip Balm - Great all year-round. And the lavendar provides a little aromatherapy boost in the middle of the day.

My Wish List:

Shea Cocoa Body Butter
Lavendar Bath Salts

Soothing Herbals also offers teas, gift baskets and baby products. You can order her products on-line or visit her during the summer at farmer's markets in Staunton and Lexington. Details are on the Soothing Herbals website listed above.


StauntonRules said...

I'm addicted to the Divine Face Cream and the Toner -- awesome for mature/oily/breakout prone skin. Chin is awesome!!!! I can't wait to catch her at the Staunton/Augusta Farmer's Market starting again in April!!!!! (By the way the farmer's market is in downtown Staunton Saturdays 7 am to 12 noon April through November).

Tracey said...

Yes, indeed! The Divine Face Cream is dreamy - lavendar, comfrey . . . Thanks, too, for the reminder about the market - I'm going to post details for it in my April Happenings calendar.

Anonymous said...

Yes her products are good. I have also used another company that used the same method, but are for therapeutic skin care needs. Check them out!
Taylor Made Herbs and Aromatherapy