Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jeepers - (Spring) Peepers!

My main squeeze doesn't know this yet, but we have a date scheduled for this weekend. It will involve a flashlight, our hiking/muck boots and some tiny frogs. Hot, huh?

Organic Gardening Magazine published a quick article on their site about how to spot spring peepers and I'm game. These little guys grab my attention every spring and I am always in awe of the magical sounds they create. So getting to catch a glimpse of one will be a hoot.

If you have never heard a peeper, scroll to the bottom of this
web-site's main page and click on the "Hear a Spring Peeper." What you will hear in the background is the peeper chorus that is more familiar than the louder, solo chirping in the foreground.

Happy peeper hunting!

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Ellen Leigh said...

Oh yeah! Love the Spring peepers!
Ellen Leigh