Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rembrandt Tulips


swampkris said...

Have you read Michael Polan's The
Botany of Desire? Every botanizin' tulip lover should.

Tracey said...

It has been on my shelf for a while now . . . I need to dust it off and check it out!

msbelle said...

I commented on these over on Flickr but will do so here as well.
I've never seen such gorgeous tulips. They are simply striking! What kind are they? I would love to try and grow some even though me and the fire ants don't get along!
On a side note, do you know about MerleFest? If so, are you going to go?

Tracey said...

Aren't they crazy?! I actually got them on sale one year from Johnnys (here's the link).http://tinyurl.com/ytf5us
They are called Rembrandt Tulips. This color is usually the last to bloom.
I learned about MerleFest from your blog! Sadly, we won't be able to make it. Are you going? Any favorite bands you can tell me about?