Friday, April 6, 2007

The Encyclopedia of Container Gardening

My mom used to tease me when I would impatiently growl at the April weather - pretty much every April. The crazy dips in temperature would bring my spring euphoria and momentum to a screeching halt. "April is the cruellest month," she would giggle - quoting The Wasteland. Thankfully, it is not as cruel as T.S. Eliot's April. For me it is just more touch and go in a flirtatious way; less morose.

So, after being chased indoors by 30 or so degree temperatures, I have turned to reading a little more. Getting my potatoes and asparagus in the ground will just have to wait.

I picked this copy of The Encyclopedia of Container Gardening up at a local used bookstore this past autumn. I have kept it close at hand ever since.

It covers it all . . . houseplants; how to grow shrubs, perennials, annuals, vines in containers; do-it-yourself projects such as forced bulbs, terrariums, dish gardens, topiary; design ideas for balcony and deck gardens; troubleshooting in the container garden; watering and care tips; and my favorite easy-to-follow section - "The Right (Houseplant or Plant) for the Right Place." Right on.

I'm testing out two new vines this year - the black-eyed susan vine and the cypress vine. I'm also thinking about dividing my daylilies and putting them in big containers on my deck. The final experiment will be with a small hydrangea.

Looks like I still have a few more nights in front of our wood stove to mull over spring plans in my garden journal. Things could definitely be worse . . . right Mr. Eliot? has used copies.

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