Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lunchtime Field Trip: Ted Peters' Azalea Gardens

I was lucky enough to pop over to Ted Peters' house and gardens during lunchtime yesterday. Originally invited for a plant swap visit, I was beside myself when he took me on a tour. My knees were shaking and I took as many photos as I could . . . my only regret was that I did not have more time to take everything in . . .

The gardens were originally established by Mr. Peters' mother, beginning in the early 1960's. She gardened up until the day of her death, at age 90. He has maintained and added on to the gardens since the early 1990s. In a word: they are magnificent.

It is a rolling sea of color - with wonderful texture and light. Varieties of azalea that I never knew existed, in shades I have never seen. Whites, pinks, lavenders, two-toned, double-blooms. Including the 'Koromo Shikibu' (bottom right photo in first set). I was inspired to learn more about azaleas - and have since learned that there is an Azalea Society of America.

He also tends to unique varieties of boxwoods, hemlock, holly, magnolia, yews, spruce, rhododendrons, ferns, Virginia Bluebells, peonies. There are inviting sitting areas and pathways, as well as babbling stone waterfalls and a pond.

Here's where Mr. Peters' generosity bowled me over even further. He wants anyone who is interested to know that he loves visitors and will give tours(!). Just make sure to give him a call ahead of time (296-2763). I highly, highly recommend that you make the time over the next week, while the azaleas are in bloom, to visit. His warm spirit, gracious nature and endless knowledge make it a memorable experience. I've dithered on long enough - I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Although they don't do his gardens justice . . .


SMC said...

Thank you ..thank you..and you went here on your lunch hour??
I would never have left that pond !!

Tracey said...

I think I know who this is . . . Mom - that you?!
Wish you were with me to see this - you would have loved it!