Monday, May 21, 2007

The Garden Giveth While I Snoozeth

We had a slowww Sunday in the Hollow. And when I say slow, I mean this side of practically zombified. We crashed. We napped. We ate junk food. We watched and relished in Sunday afternoon reruns. All the dogs and the cat took note and gleefully joined in . . .

As much as I love being busy in the garden, I am always thankful for what it gives back to me when I have run out of steam. I was able to shuffle in my slippers around the container garden and spend a few minutes in the vegetable garden for a quick watering. Then, back to several more hours of indulgent, slothful behavior.

Sights: Growing rhubarb! (actually looking like, well . . . rhubarb!!); sprouting french filet beans; blossoming tulip poplars; hummingbirds vying for spots in the container garden; snapdragons snapping

Smells: Pineapple sage; honeysuckle (heady and intoxicating); farmers market purchase of Thai basil

Sounds: A well-fed Moormans River rumbling through Sugar Hollow; a chorus of frogs; red-winged blackbirds; slow-moving tractors gathering hay in the flood plain

No matter how you are feeling or where you are lolling about, the Hollow always finds and envelopes you. Windows open, breezes blowing, mountains in full glory. So, couchtime rarely seems that reclusive and hermit-like after all. Just a different view with plusher seating.


Steph said...

Oh, that sounds so perfect!

anna maria said...

Sounds heavenly.
Isn't it great that everything still grows while you lie back for a bit?

Tracey said...

It is the BEST . . . gardens are so forgiving and 'our' mountains and land are so soothing.