Friday, June 22, 2007

Merry, Mellow Summer Solstice

I am celebrating the beginning of summer with a memory.

This is me and my brother, Chris - washing our Grandpa's "Beep Beep" (VW Bug) - around 1974. Things didn't get much better than this. Except maybe for a post-"chore" snack complete with pink lemonade and Pepperidge Farm cookies. Or maybe some of those ice-cube tray orange juice treats - with toothpicks frozen in place - for our little hands to hold.

I had planned on putting this photo up for my brother's birthday - this past May.

Me: "Yeah, I was thinking of doing a blog photo tribute to you for your Big Day."
Chris: "Ugh. Man. Am I in my underwear?"
Me: "Er, uh, well . . . drats . . ." (Temporarily foiled)

He has since come around. I'm pretty sure he loved these summer afternoons as much as I did.


Elizabeth said...

Hi! Love your blog.

I've tagged you with the Eight Things About Me meme -- see my post for details:

Patience_Crabstick said...

Such a cute picture! And your previous entry--I loved the Green Knowe books! I read that series many times when I was growing up.

Steph said...

Love the photo. And I love that your brother assumed he would be in his underwear in any photo you were planning to share on your blog!

Derek Bedarf said...

hahaha...Chris in his underwear! I love it. I will have to mention this next time I see him.

Tracey said...