Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lemons, Lemons and More Lemons

A weekend with an urpy stomach resulted in a severe hankering for anything and everything lemon. It roused me from my zombified state to go seek out, purchase and create food items that would squelch this craving. I'm finally sated. (And, thankfully, have office mates who will happily help me out with the surplus of lemon bars.)

Elizabethan Lemon Curd - For scones, tarts or whatever works as a vehicle for the curd. An old-school tea time accompaniment. For so long, the word 'curd' left me guessing. Maybe because curdled wasn't too far removed?! My mom mercifully explained the details to me. I have since been converted.

Lemon Bars from Tate's Bake Shop Cookbook - Tate's Bake Shop (formerly known as Kathleen's Bakeshop) of Southampton, New York was an old haunt of mine. Luckily, I had several jobs at the time, so I worked off the cookies, pies and muffins that essentially had become a fifth-food group. My mom bought me the cookbook a few years back. These bars are extraordinary.

Also, I did not know they SHIPPED goodies these days. Uh-oh.

Steph's Meadow Tea - Fresh mint from the garden, with lots of lemon and sugar. I just replied to a woman in our local garden swap who is giving away mint plants. You know, to keep my habit going, all summer-long. In past summers, I have made a tea similar to this - and have added raspberry syrup. What I love about Steph's recipe - you *mash* the sugar and lemon slices together - before adding it all to the steeped tea.


Felicia said...

Oh yum!

Anonymous said...

I love your dishes! I need to make some of Steph's tea, it sounds so good.

Tracey said...


Dishes were my grandma's . . . I love them so much, that I decided to toss china-use standards aside and use them as my everyday dishes.

Steph said...

Those lemon bars look delightful.