Monday, August 20, 2007

Field Trip: Maymont in Richmond, Virginia

In search of a grotto and some quiet, reflective time - I grabbed my camera this past weekend and went to Richmond. To Maymont. It was just what I needed and the afternoon breathed new life into my August-garden blahs. Heady-scented roses, a waterfall, rolling hills, a Gilded Age mansion, huge trees from all over the world that offered shade and, in some cases, the scent of cedar. And, a chance to see a real grotto. It felt like another time and place altogether . . .

Waterfall in the Japanese Garden

Sundial in the Herb Garden

Roses in the Italian Garden

The Maymont Estate


Pergola in the Italian Garden

The Grotto!

The Grotto - the area in front is tiled and includes a small pool.

Fountains in the Italian Garden

Phlox and gazebo


carrol said...

Wonderful pictures! especially after being locked in the airconditioning for what seems like forever..those garden paths look so fresh and inviting.

TheGrowGirls said...

Look at that grotto! fantastic! I love the sound of running water in a garden.