Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recipe: Basic Salsa

After looking over the lame title to this post, I need to tell you that there t'ain't nothing basic or boring about this salsa. A-hem. That being said - here are the details.

Fresh tomatoes
Salt and pepper
Hot peppers (if that's what you like - we usually use jalapenos)
Lime juice
Red onion
Interesting additions: Grilled corn, peaches, mangoes, tomatilloes

For me - just cutting all of this up is fun. I have a nice memory of going to an afternoon beach party and another guest spending 45 minutes happily chopping vegetables for a huge bowl of salsa. It was heavenly. . . . I haven't included details on amounts - just create the salsa to your own taste.

Pimp out your next batch of tacos or huevos rancheros with this salsa. You won't be sorry you did.


Matron said...

That looks mouth watering! I just love salsa. For variation, I add mango, lime, corn and parsley to mine.

Tracey said...

Matron . . . yum . . . parsley would be a great addition - the peppery-ness of it is very appealing . . .

Muum said...

MIne is on the mild side, but similar to yours. You can see at


Tracey said...

Ooo! The green onion and red pepper, along with the mango sound like a wonderfully-zingy combination . . .