Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Tomato Debacle

This most recent development in the garden haunts me throughout my day. I'll be blissfully flying along - and then stopped in my tracks as I remember the sadness, the disappointment, the void in my harvest. What - no Black Princes? No Brandywines? No more Sungolds? The hole in my heart is immeasurable.

Up until this past weekend, I assumed that the green tomatoes in our raised beds were, quite simply, tomatoes . . . . with potential. A week or a few days away from becoming all sorts of delectable treats in our kitchen.

Enter: A new variable. Hungry (and thirsty) Sugar Hollow deer.

The Truth of the Matter: I thought my short cut of not fencing in the tomatoes was a small victory. "The deer haven't eaten a thing in our garden this season," my slacker-gardener-self thought. So wrong. Karmic consequences for the lazy green-ish thumb.

Result: Decimated tomato plants. Nary a ripe tomato in sight.

Plan B: Support local farmers who grow heirlooms and organic tomatoes with many visits to the farmers markets. Maybe try to get some ersatz fencing in place this weekend.

Next year: Get a sturdy fence up during the winter. Plan ahead. Make the effort. Dream of fresh tomatoes for 2008. Fill the void.


Muum said...

ouch! that has got to hurt. So sorry. I am looking at my many green tomatoes, hoping I get some help processing them when they all ripen. It would be devastating to have some deer eat them!

Tracey said...

Hi Muum,

Yes - and you know what really hurt?! Paying $5 for two heirloom tomatoes at the local co-op yesterday. Yowsa. At least it feels good to support local farmers . . . thanks for commiserating . . .