Sunday, September 23, 2007

(Garden Inspired) Spoils from the Trip

Heirloom tomatoes from Orient Point, Long Island.
From top (clockwise) - Brandywine, Green Zebra and a mystery variety. Hmmm. Thoughts?

Lemon verbena and Linden soaps from Provence (by way of high-falutin' LI garden centers).

Preserves and mustard from Miss Amy.
A New York farmers' market find that has become a staple in my mom's cupboards. My starter kit should suit me just fine for autumn recipes.
From the top - Spicy Cranberry Jalapeño Spread, Blue Point Mustard and Hot and Mean Jalapeño Peach.


Mom said...

Went back to the Farmers market today and directly to the source..Fred Terry of Terry's Farms, Orient, NY..the mystery tomato is a Striped German..he said they will get HUGE but his favorite size is big enough to fill a slice of bread. We agreed they are incredibly sweet!

Tracey said...


I am *so* glad that you asked. Hopefully I'll be able to find those for next year - they were exceptionally sweet.

I made pork chops the other night - with the Hot and Mean Peach preserves as a glaze. Big yum.