Monday, October 1, 2007

Bringing It All Back Home

Pooped beyond pooped. I rocked a little too much last week (Lucinda Williams on Tuesday, Bob and Elvis on Thursday). Lesson learned (as in "You're no longer 25") and sleep was embraced this past weekend. Ready to slow things down a bit and (happily) get back to routines.


During my visit with family up in New York, I finally took some photos of my mom's garden. She has created a wonderfully inviting world in what she calls her 'postage stamp' plot. Little corners invite you to sit. Other parts look like decades-old shade gardens - with moss and hostas and vinca. Red window shutters peek out of ivy growing over the garage. And, I'm totally snagging her idea for the arborvitae, verbena, lobelia and brachycome container. It smacks beautifully of Italy. Take a look-see.

Arborvitae, verbena, petunias, brachycome and lobelia.

Black-eyed susans finding support in a rustic fence.

Pale yellow Million Bells in a weathered window box.

I love how these elements work together - slate path stones, mossy brick, grass and the colors of the container spilling out and pulling it all together.


Pam/Digging said...

Pretty flowers, but I'm interested in Lucinda Williams. I've seen her in Austin and Gruene and love her albums. Where did you see her and how was it?

Tracey said...


We saw her at The Charlottesville Pavilion. A new outdoor space that is part of our Downtown.

She blew me away. Her voice is even better in person. Terrific band. Fun stage presence.

Steph said...

I would love to see Lucinda Williams!

Your mother's garden is o sweet - is she the source of your green thumb?

Tracey said...

Steph - Yes, and her parents, too. Not so much with the technical end of things, but forever exposing us to the beauty of gardens by way of outings to estates, nurseries, beautiful spots. And getting us to notice the subtle, small things.