Friday, October 26, 2007

Hunkering Down For Winter - Hyacinth Vases

Getting up and driving to work in the dark sucks. Getting home from work in the dark sucks. Why does The Man and my job get all of my daylight hours?!

The Shorter Days are ahead of us, so my thoughts turn to indoor gardens and little bits of lightness that can bring life to your home - even during January and February. Forced hyacinth bulbs are easy. Fragrant. Satisfying. Kids love watching them, too.

No heavy lifting. No digging. No need for vast amounts of gardening real estate. Just a cool, dark place, a windowsill and some water. Here are directions. Now is the time to start them.

I found this Dutch Delft forcing vase (pictured above with the last of my morning glories) at Ivy Corner Nursery. I've also seen cool colored ones at Lowe's. I got a little crazy and thought about getting a few more and scoped these out on eBay.

Oh, yes. And these, from Old House Gardens. Totally out of my price range - 36 clams each?! Sheesh. But . . . fun to look at.

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