Tuesday, October 16, 2007

She's Crafty - Herbal Honeys

Herbs from the garden (from top left, clockwise) - Chocolate mint, lemon balm, thyme and lavender. Not pictured - a basil with cinammon honey.

Sometimes a girl who works at a desk/university job needs to inject a little witch-y-ness into her life. Weekends are my witching hours.

As I learn about possible herbal concoctions, I need to keep these experiments on a small scale. To ensure some moments of relaxation and maybe, success.

Herbal honeys seemed simple enough. *And,* I could use up the last of my container herbs - before the frost hits. This past Saturday, I went to the website of herbal goddess, Susun Weed for inspiration.

1. Chop up herbs and fill to top of mason or jelly jar.
2. Pour honey over the herbs.
3. Work herbs through - getting rid of any air pockets.
4. Seal and allow to sit for several weeks.

Susan also includes a intriguing recipe for a Russian Cold Remedy on her site. Honey, garlic, onions.

What, no eyes of newt?

Alright, the weekend warrior witch gig has gone a little too far.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

It must be the season... I just did a post on herbal honeys too!

Have you tried bee balm honey? It's my absolute favorite. (One of the best things I know for winter sore throats.)