Saturday, November 3, 2007

I've Got A Fever . . . And The Only Prescription Is More Bulbs

Lunch plans cancelled. A little left-over cash from the last paycheck burning a hole in my pocket.

What better than a trip to a nursery on a splendid fall day?
No hesitation on this one.


They don't look like much. But the above pile will become these in March and April . . .

And, and, and . . . these!And, yoo-hoo, these too!

I mean, isn't there something a little magical about poking a dried-up looking bulb into the ground one month and then, after a long winter's nap, seeing something colorful coming up out of the ground in March or April?!? Is it just me that gets in a dither over this? Anyone? Anyone?


That's cool. Leave me to my garden nerdiness. I can hack it.


Kristi said...

I've caught the fever as well. I've been finding a lot of good deals on bulbs and I just can't stop myself from buying them.
Hyacinth are one my favorites.

2greenthumbsup said...

I had to fill my prescription too. Is 240 bulbs considered a large dose or a small dose?

TheGrowGirls said...

bulbs are so magical!! all that colour. were planning on puttin some all round the edges of the allotment, that is if the weather ever improves enough to get out there! you are not alone in your bulb compulsions

Tracey said...

Yipeee! Terrific to hear from other bulb addicts. I find comfort in the wonderful company.

Lonnie said...

Hey, if you still need more bulbs, don't forget our great native ones too, which include plants like:

Wood Hyacinth (Camassia scilloides)
Trout lily
Nodding Onion (click for a great photo)
Yellow Star Grass
Iris cristata & Iris verna
Turk's cap lily
...and more!

Tracey said...

Yes! Trilliums! Thanks, Lonnie . . .