Saturday, November 24, 2007

Losing My Mind (And Finding It In The Vortex)

Five years of house construction has me starting to unravel. But we are in the homestretch - complimented by complete insanity. I won't bore you with the details. Let's say that yesterday's highlight was having the electrician's assistant swaggering around in our basement (the last live-able space) calling around looking for the bathroom and accidentally storming into our bedroom as I struggled to get dressed for the day.

My left eye has since developed a twitch.

So, knowing that getting outside always-always-always makes me feel better, I decided to mulch leaves this morning. Last year, I bought a leaf mulcher. It made composting the highlight of my winter - as leaf mulch and the resulting leaf mold is a great base for those compost 'browns' you always hear about. Then, you just add your kitchen scraps and coffee grounds (the compost 'greens') all winter-long. 'Round springtime, you have nice, fluffy compost.

My Black and Decker leaf mulcher has two parts. The Vortex (suction). And The Hog (shredder). I love them both equally. The Hog component has an unexpected illustration of, I think, a wild boar gnashing its teeth - ready to munch and mulch. I filled four compost/garbage cans with the leaves by lunchtime.

I felt better almost immediately. All blog readers are invited to the Hollow for some therapeutic leaf mulching if you need to get outside, get away or get lost in the beauty of either The Vortex or The Hog.


Dave said...

I'll bet that mulcher makes things easy! I've been using my push mower with the bagger attachment to add to my bin. It works good but you have to empty it often.

Tracey said...

Hi Dave,

It really, really does make things easier. The bag attachment isn't huge, but it is very easy to attach and unattach.

These days, nothing smells better than mulched leaves!