Sunday, December 30, 2007

DIY: Raised Bed Reclamation

Raised bed run amok.

With cardboard mulch.

Raised beds that were cardboard mulched last season.


When I first got into gardening, it was with a zest and Tasmanian devil-whirlwind approach that almost did me in. I had lists upon lists. I created insurmountable projects. I worked until my back screamed 'Uncle.' Moving out to our five acres almost paralyzed me. So much land. So much to do. The lists multiplied by three, by six, by nine. I started to lose sight of it all.

Then something shifted. My pace became more plodding. I could laugh at my mistakes. The pressure was off. I made peace with my garden. I liken it to ants and their ant hills. Each small step could be a contribution. Each seed, each bulb, each new plant had possibilities that I could relish and appreciate.

I am almost eight months pregnant, but still wanted to get out in the vegetable garden yesterday - to enjoy the smell of the soil, some sun and the balmy 60-degree weather. I needed to feel closer to the earth and to the mountains. Even if it was only for half-an-hour.

I have two raised beds that are overgrown and need major overhauls. So, I weeded one corner of one bed yesterday and put down cardboard. Cardboard is a great mulch. Last year I used it on three other beds to smother remaining weeds over the winter. I then pulled up the cardboard in the spring and fed the beds with compost and shredded leaves. They have been on their best behavior ever since. Beautiful, dark soil with lots of fluff and air to it.

Winter garden projects. One corner at a time.

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Steph said...

You are an inspiration.