Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Running for the Hills

As per usual, I have taken on too much these days, my friends. Lots to slog through before the downtime of the holidays.

So what is more natural than daydreaming about an escape?!

My thoughts turn to my favorite part of the world during the winter season - Canaan Valley in West Virginia. White Grass Cross Country skiing, The Purple Fiddle, the old lodge we have fallen for at Blackwater Falls. Mellow walks. Many a deep night's sleep.

Looks like Charlottesville musician Sarah White is playing The Fiddle later this month. Go to her MySpace page and play 'Sweetheart.' It is getting me through this afternoon's chores.

More on gardening very soon. New herbal products made by artisans near and far; details on local spots for holiday greenery; gorgeous rustic garden furniture by Leora's brother; and houseplants, houseplants, houseplants. Houseplants that are hard to kill. Houseplants that sing during the dead of winter. And, of course, an experiment or two.

Now, back to the trenches. Bah! And a bit more daydreaming.

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