Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Heirloom Seed Catalogs Abound!

Some women drool over shoes. Some over bags. Some over jewels.

I (obviously) fall into the category of women who drool over plants and, during this time of year, seed catalogs. I call it plant porn. Cause I'm dorky like that.

Thanks to Janet of the Piedmont Garden Swap for this link to a listing of heirloom seed purveyors from around the nation.

We're talking Colonial Williamsburg; the Victorian old-school vibe of R.H. Shumway's (pictured above); hundreds of different heirloom tomato varieties from Heirloom Tomatoes; The Victory Seed Company; and locals Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and The Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants.

One caveat: Some of the direct links to catalogs are dated or dead, but there are enough on this list to keep one busy.

So . . . we all need more seed catalogs, right? Right.

And it is important to support and grow heirlooms. Again, right? Hell. Yeah.


Melinda said...

LOL, I call it garden porn. Thanks... for... the... links.... now I have MORE to look at - exactly what I need right now ; ).

Melinda said...

...not to discount the fact that it IS important to support and grow heirlooms. I'm planting mostly heirlooms this year.

Sue said...

I call those catalogues "garden crack"!

Tracey said...

Garden porn. Garden crack. Awesome. Nice to hear I'm not the only person to physically react to photos of flowers, vegetables, bulbs, etc. Sweaty palms, ringing in the ears, all that good stuff!

missficklemedia.com said...

Oh. My. Lord.
I am speechless after those 2 comments!

Anonymous said...

have you heard of www.southernbulbs.com. It is an online catalogue but sells heirloom bulbs for Southern climates. . .