Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Living in Perfect Harmony (Or At Least, Trying To)

Well, by Sunday, the bat and I had a better understanding of each other.

He finally took to a hibernation-like sleep, hanging upside-down on one of my brother's garment racks. Probably exhausted from flying into walls and dealing with me and Chris.

And I, very slowly, took the time to check him out and kinda-sorta appreciate his good looks and his place in our world. He has since been relocated outside, with the greatest of care, by my tender-hearted brother.

I also need to remember that bats can be huge allies in the garden. Great for taking care of mosquitoes and garden pests.

"Just one bat can catch hundreds of insects in an hour, and large colonies catch tons of insects nightly, including beetle and moth species that cost American farmers and foresters billions of dollars annually, not to mention mosquitoes in our backyards." - From the Bat Conservation International website.

Bat Conservation International offers details on everything you could ever want to know about bats. Including plans to make your own bat house and how to attract bats to their new digs. They also sell bat houses - with multiple chambers, condo options and cameras.

Their Quick Links section is a hoot: "Bats in Your Home? - Living in Harmony"; "Bats in the Community" or "Send a Bat e-Card!"

I'm hoping to gain a deeper appreciation of these little guys - with more of a sense of humor and less screeching and ducking. Maybe, just maybe, I'll treat them to some condominium-living out in the Hollow. With rent paid in full by way of number of insects gobbled.


mightymatt1313 said...

I once had to live with one that took up camp on our front porch.

Sue said...

I love bats. They eat skeeters. But I don't want to sleep with one! Those days are OVER!

missficklemedia.com said...

This was interesting, I'll have to make plans with my son to attract bats. He would love that and I might go outside more if there aren't thousands of skeeters waiting to feast on me!

Tracey said...

I need to invoke your spirits of curiosity and interest a bit more!