Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sssssssupa-Lazy Sunday

Waiting for a storm-of-sorts today. Taking the time to look at seed catalogs and the most recent issue of Organic Gardening. I'm hunkered down and knitting things like baby leg warmers and goofy little baby hats with cat-like ears and such. Hoping to make some corn chowder. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Coming this week: My personal gardening wish list for new mommies and busy gardeners; portable salad boxes; a virtual visit to Moss Acres and my favorite skin-saving cream from an organic herbalist who lives over the mountains in Goshen, VA.


bgeertgens1 said...


If you are interested in visiting Moss Acres, then you are interested in moss gardens. Please, please visit the brand new site of my friend Dave. He is a master gardener who has dedicated his life to gardening, and most recently to moss gardening. He has some of the most original ideas I have ever seen, making moss into the shapes of animals. He has a little booklet for sale telling how to do it, but the visit to the site is worth it just to see his pictures.
Here is the link:

Sue said...

I love knitting and gardening at the same time! It's tricky though. Gotta wash a lot.

Down here in SC we can play outdoors yearround so my hands are always dirty.

Tracey said...

Hi bgeertgens1 - thanks for the link - neat stuff.
Sue - I seem to take to knitting and gardening with the same type of fury. It is nice to get lost in these types of things, yes? said...

It's good for the baby to rest when you need to!
It sounds lovely, especially the little leg warmers!