Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Domestic Debauchery

I've heard of the intense, pre-baby nesting thing. I didn't think I would be bitten this badly by the bug. Seeing that I have had to put a stop on the houseplant-buying extravaganza, my thoughts turn to different endeavors.

My new obsession? Fabrics. Obviously. I got out my sewing machine last night, to hem some curtains, and was sucked in by the zippiness of the machine. Remembering the feeling of productivity and progress. Wait, back-up, did I just type 'hem some curtains'? Who am I?!

Of course, the fabrics that catch my eye herald nature themes into my life. With a touch of vintage and the familiar, I'm a goner. Enter Reprodepot Fabrics. Samples from their nature collection are above. Gulp.

P.S. The baby's room is ready. But, I think it is missing something. Oh, yes. Curtains! Zing! I'm on it.


kate said...

You've got it bad!! It is amazing all the uses one can make of beautiful fabrics.

I wish I hadn't seen these samples ... they are gorgeous. The first one caught my eye right away. I'll be thinking of them all day long!

Katie said...

What beautiful fabric! Even makes me want to whip out my vintage mini- Singer.
Just stopped in to say hi and see how you are doing.
Baby 'she' bean, eh? :D

Tracey said...

I truly am smitten/bitten, Kate.

Katie - a vintage, mini-Singer? I wonder if it is similar to mine. Hmmmm. I did eventually relent and went a bit more modern. Could never get the threading right on the Singer. Bah.

Yes! (Wink) A baby 'she' bean on the way . . . said...

I love the blue with pod looking thingy's.