Friday, February 15, 2008

Gardening Roots That Run Deep

L to R: My mom, my grandma and me.
Among the marigolds and black-eyed susans. 1971.

As Corey and I await the arrival of our Little Bean, I can't help but think about times spent with my mom and my grandma among public estate gardens, among backyard gardens, among rows of plants within a greenhouse or nursery, among whatever drew their attention and sparked their curiosity in any garden. Visits were usually peppered with my grandma's sharp, quick-witted, hysterical observations and my mom's unabashed enthusiasm - usually punctuated still - to this day - with a head-spinning "Look-it!"

I only hope that I can give our Bean memories of the same ilk. If she falls as deeply in love with gardening as I have, I'll be tickled.

And if she ends up preferring to play in a punk garage band and dyeing her hair with Kool Aid, that'll be cool, too.


Pam/Digging said...

I don't know how anyone growing up with you and your eye for natural beauty could fail to appreciate herself. Maybe she'll be a punk-rock gardener. :-)

Tracey said...

Yay, Pam - yes! A punk-rock gardener!

kate said...

I love that photograph - three generations of women intrigued with gardening. Watching your child's personality evolve and seeing his/her delight in everything growing is magical.

My son used to be out with me from early spring to late fall. I remember all the baths and changes of clothing. He dug alongside me as well as digging in his 'own' mud patch. Water and dirt and worms plus shovel ... that was his world. Oh and collecting slugs.

I was reading one of your older posts and I still remember some of those dreams of late pregnancy and my son is 15! They were so vivid.