Thursday, April 24, 2008

Secret Gardens of Albemarle Revealed: Part II

Our second house and garden visit was Bellevue. The boxwood parterre (a garden with flower beds and paths in a pattern) was way cool. Children would find it enchanting . . . and would probably run around the corridors of boxwoods to their heart's content. I thought about doing it myself, but imagined that the tone of the tour would frown upon that sort of behavior.

Bellevue has connections to the Langhorne's of Mirador (a brother-in-law of Nancy Astor owned it at one point). And an aforementioned bit of intrigue about the house, "A trap door to an old tunnel, since collapsed, in one of the first-floor rooms led to the stables; there is a mysterious underground room on the east side of the garden." Gasp!

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