Friday, May 16, 2008

Have Baby, Will Garden

Sugar snap peas and lettuce.

Sage plants prove to be perennials in Virginia.

The rhubarb keeps on keepin' on. Much to my sweet tooth's delight.

Willa swinging in the garden.

After a Sugar Hollow Mama Gathering on Tuesday, my gardening mama friends encouraged me to get out there . . . and bring the baby swing. Eureka! Yes! Willa donned her little sun hat and snoozed in the fresh air, while I weeded and prepped the beds for more plantings.

Our lettuce patch is thriving - which has me flummoxed - as bunnies regularly tromp along the garden paths during the evenings (even under the watchful eye of Mr. Otis). Radishes are coming in. Sugar snap peas are climbing and the herb bed looks healthy. I planted our pole beans, blackberry lilies and hollyhock - all from seed. The weather is calling for more rain. I am happy to oblige.

This weekend . . . I'll be starting morning glories, hyacinth bean vine, cleome and sunflowers from seed. Fleshing out the herb garden with herbs from Milmont Greenhouses. Maybe getting some tomatoes in their bed. Puttering around the container garden. And testing out a rhubarb tart recipe.


Neza said...

I love the baby chair in the garden...I did that too.

from The Rock and Roll Gardener in Minnesota

Melanie said...

What a lucky baby. My 14 year old daughter still likes to sit in a swing in the garden. Maybe Willa will always be into the outdoors too.

zoe krylova said...

you're an inspiration!

Heather's Garden said...

Sage is a perennial way up here in CT too. It was a surprise to me, I thought for sure it would be a goner (in containers no less) and didn't cut it back in the fall. Lesson learned. Love the photo of your baby chair (and baby) in the garden.

Tracey said...

Thanks, mamas!

I am now eying a little bouncy seat - a tad more portable.

Elle said...

When she gets older - a water table. Keeps Olive busy for HOURS.

I'm so jealous your sugar snap peas look so lovely - mine sprouted beautifully but have completely petered out in the last week - i don't think they're going to make it. I'll blame the terrible, topsy-turvy weather we've had this spring & summer, but I'm still butter.