Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Garden Glimpses :: From The Hollow

*Finally* figuring out the power of my new camera. Capturing garden moments from our weekend. From the top . . .

Our cutting flower patch brings me so much happiness these days. I get out in the early morning and pluck here and pluck there. Corey's office is near the patch and he caught a glimpse of me merrily picking out a bouquet and offered to set me up with a larger swatch of land for next spring. Offering to make things happen with the tractor and a pile of compost. This is the best kind of gift he can give me. I think he's starting to get that.

Mint harvested from our container garden and blackberries picked from our land. I have blackberry syrup on the brain - to drizzle over pancakes and waffles, ice cream and . . . a summer-induced need for it to be poured over shaved ice. Like a good Snoopy Sno-Cone!

A maidenhair fern found a home in my newest terrarium-slash-greenhouse. My maidenhair ferns usually dry up and fizzle. I am hoping that the extra humidity from the glass enclosure will prolong this one's life beyond a few weeks.

Not from the garden, but garden inspired. A dress for Willa with tiny flower prints. When the air-conditioning chases me inside - I have been mustering up the courage to work at the sewing machine. I buy the inexpensive fat quilting material quarters at the fabric store ($1.29) and that will make one dress. Or, um, multiple, practice versions of the same dress. (~Smirk.~)


Ann said...

The dress is just wonderful! We're going blackberry picking soon -- we'll have to try the sno-cones.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are just beautiful Such a treat. Thanks. :o)


Tracey said...

Thank you both . . . your comments make me smile.