Thursday, July 10, 2008

In Which (Shameless) Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

A seat is tucked among the greenery.

An old property down the road from us is for sale. Which has given our evening walks with Willa a new dimension, as we have finally helped ourselves to a good skulking around their beautiful grounds.

And, now, we are talking garden smack, in the best sort of way.

We want their big 'ole sweet gums, maples, oaks, boxwoods, lilac bushes. We covet their mossy brick walkways. We must have those patches of cool grass under those aforementioned trees.

My not being much of a designer, I am realizing I don't need to reinvent the wheel. But am allowed to lift design ideas (and the feelings they evoke) from others. Let's call it garden sampling. A bit from this property, a smidgen from another. Maybe a corner from Mrs. Whaley's Garden, a planting pattern from Margaret, an inspiration from Old Westbury Gardens.

Then, maybe when all of those elements are mixed together, it will be something I can call my own.


Anonymous said...

Hey! That's Piedmont House, right? My parents lived there for 15 years until they sold it just a couple of years ago. My mom is a Master Gardener, and she takes all the credit for the gardens (my dad was the grape guy) - it breaks her heart how they let the gardens go, and she's only been back twice since she moved to the other side of town. Cried each time. I "know" you from piedmontgardenswap, write me there if it would be possible for me and my mom to have a tour of YOUR gardens. She can't garden anymore but she still has great ideas! Mary

Tracey said...

Hiya Mary!

SO cool to hear from you. I also sent you an email. Please-please-please make sure to let your mom know that her gardens are still very enchanting. I need your mom's expertise out here!