Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fall Planning and Friends Who Inspire

I am fortunate enough to only have to work four days a week. Wednesdays are my day with Willa. And, yesterday also brought new ooomph to my garden thinking in August.

First, the White Flower Farm Fall 2008 catalog arrived. Filled to the brim with bulbs galore. Alliums, ephemerals, tulips and daffodils of every shape and size and smell. I gazed at the colors with my cup of tea during an unseasonably cool Virginia morning.

Then, a visit with Kris and Kristin - fellow mamas who love all things green.

Kris is an artist acutely tuned into her natural world. She creates magical terrariums. She also encourages me to consider trying new things - like planting beets and raising chickens. Photos of her mid-summer container garden last year reminded me about the beauty of coleus - and I planted some of my own this season.

Kristin's garden in the city of Charlottesville is jaw-droppingly tidy and efficient. Eggplant, tomatoes, herbs, edamame. I also noted that the afternoon shade offered by the trees in her backyard would be a good idea out in the Holler. It would extend the time me and my Irish skin could spend out in the vegetable garden - even as things got steamingly hot in July and August.

And finally, a phone call from Leora inviting me to a Virginia Native Plant Society outing on Sunday. An area gardener is opening their property so we can come and gawk. Leora is a painter and sees colors and hues that go over my head unnoticed. Visits and walks with her always expand how I see our corner of the world and I cherish them. I can't wait.

Thanks, dear friends. You've injected me with renewed energy and enthusiasm.


Ann said...

Yes, after an embarrassing number of years gardening in C-ville, Wmsburg, and Richmond, I've finally realized the importance of afternoon shade. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have much of it. Enjoy the current cooler weather and brace yourself for the heat to return before fall!

Corgidogmama~ said...

Your photos are absolutely lovely!