Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Which I Daydream About Worm Poo

Is it super-strange that I dreamily think about this suped-up worm compost palace-slash-factory for my birthday wish list? Note the spout at the bottom. That is a pipeline to compost tea, my friends.

The value of worm castings has hit the front of my brain - since I started feeding my houseplants with TerraCycle liquified worm poop. More gold than gross, my plants are totally the better for it. It also seems that the worm casting products go unnoticed by the three snouts of our hound-y, scent-driven doggies. Chalk another one up for this form of organic fertilizer.

More soon on vermiculture and the worm compost quest. A terrific winter gardening project.


Molly Amanda said...

I purchased a vermi-composter back in April and have now harvested it three times (soon to be four!). I think it's the greatest thing I ever did for my plants. I have never seen the palace model you showcased...la dee dah! I would love to have that one. I wish you well on your worm farming endeavours!
I really enjoy reading your blog; Thanks for sharing some sugar!

Grammy said...

I to would like to have one. But every one should know what happens if you release then into our yards. We can destroy the eco system of our forest. please look at this link


this is not my link just one I found when I researched my use of them. I will use them.
I just will not release them I will keep them contained in something like what you have on this page.

missficklemedia.com said...

This is fascinating!