Friday, November 14, 2008

A Great Time of Year for a Garden Coach

I know. I know. It is grey and drizzly and cold. Light years away from the greenery and growth spurts of spring.

But now is the time to plan. And dream. And learn! Think now about saving on fuel and groceries next year by growing a few vegetables in a small plot in your own yard. Or create a new garden bed . . . for native plants, cutting flowers . . .

And, if I may humbly add, a session or two with a garden coach could be a great (cough) gift.

What do garden coaches offer? If you are excited or interested or curious about growing something . . . anything . . . and just need a jump-start and some guidance, a garden coach is up your alley. Getting into gardening doesn't need to involve expensive landscape architects, major machinery and lots of money. If you are intrigued and want to do the work yourself, but just need help figuring out where to begin, coaching is an ideal.

I help clients create flower beds, raised vegetable beds or container gardens. I can offer up plant lists, based on your tastes and your plot and your energy level. My coaching incorporates organic practices, a celebration of growing your own food, herbs flowers - while paying attention to what works in Virginia.

The quiet of winter offers so many opportunities to get ready for spring planting.

The Worldwide Directory of Garden Coaches is here. Susan Harris' wonderful Garden Coaching Blog is here. And an Associated Press Garden Coaching article that includes LISH and me is here.

Always feel free to email me if you have any questions about my garden coaching offerings - or garden coaching in general -


Bonbon Oiseau said...

oh how i wish you were my garden coach! (and that i had a bigger more beautiful space in which to garden...maybe by spring there will be a whole new space to make a garden!!!)
I will spread the gift of you idea around my friend!!!

Tracey said...

BBO - I would friggin love to be your garden coach, girl. Thanks for spreading the G-coaching love!!

Libby said...

Tracey, I sent you an email about hiring you to be my garden coach - did you get it? I'm totally serious. I'm here in Charlottesville and really need some help (total newbie). Let me know...