Monday, December 29, 2008

New Gardeners :: New Blog Sidebar!

Who's got big plans and big resolutions for 2009?

Me! Me! I love the freshness and promise of each and every January.

And you? Is starting a garden one of your wishes?

Well, then. I have added a new sidebar with links to previous Life in Sugar Hollow posts that can help you get started this spring on growing a little something. In a bed, in a container, in your house. Poke a seed into the ground and see what happens. Try going organic. Experiment with one native plant. Grow one vegetable.

But, first and foremost, have a blast. Embrace the daydreaming. Dig the possibilities. And keep it simple.


Adrienne said...

Oh how you inspire me to try to grow ... something. My hubbie and I have big dreams of a veggie garden one day ... maybe sooner on the horizion that we thought!

Sue said...

Hey! Happy New Year!

I planted bulbs in pots yesterday. I'm hoping for the best.

That Book Of Lists is one of my favorites. said...

Happy New Years!
I, too, love the fresh, clean, slate a new year brings, until Otuct. then it all seems to get away from me, lol!

Libby said...

I will be referring to these OFTEN :0)