Friday, February 6, 2009

The View From Here

I imagine I am not alone when I tell you that we have been sick (almost) non-stop since the beginning of January. I won't bore you/gross you out with the litany of ills - but suffice it to say that we hit up almost every type of ailment that exists out there in the ether.

Usually not a morning person, as nurse-mama I am up with the sunrise these days.

Call it a very vague silver lining to all of this. As an amateur photographer, this is the light that makes the magic happen. I'll take it.


Adrienne said...

Being sick stinks. Having a little one sick stinks. When your both sick - well - you know - that's just terrible. I've never been sick so much in my life since I've had children. Thankfully (thus far this yr) we have had a better winter - the boys are older and I hope their immune systems are stronger. I got so sick (pun intended) of us being under the weather constantly that last year I put the boys in a vitamin / whole food suppliment ( Maybe I'm a sucker but I think it's helped.

Sending you well wishes~

BTW - your photos are beautiful.

lotta said...

I hope you feel better! The photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Tracey said...

Adrienne and Lotta - Thanks BOTH for the get-well wishes and the (much-needed) shot in the arm about my photos. You keep me going!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

sooo sorry you've been sick! i hope the view is a nice reprieve...i'll be right down..any property nearby i can live in?

Tracey said...

BBO - We'll build you something on the property - The Compound! Sugar Hollow can be your new inspiration for your gorgeous jewels!!