Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yeah. That's Right. Compost Your Old Leather Gardening Gloves (!).

A few fun things that you can toss into the heap. Who knew?!

Paper napkins
Pet hair
Post-it notes
Lint from behind the refrigerator
Wool socks
Leather wallets
Toenail clippings
Outdated yogurt
Lobster shells
Kleenex tissues
Felt waste
Unpaid bills
Ivory soap scraps
Dust bunnies
Theater tickets
BBQ'd fish skin
Elmer's glue
Burlap coffee bags
Milk (in small amounts)
Dead bees and flies
Dirt from soles of shoes or boots

Excerpted from Small Town Living's Feb 09- March 09 issue.


Tripp Fenderson said...

I'll add dryer lint and toilet paper rolls to that list.

In our house, if it isn't meat, fish, fat, or plastic -- it's probably going in the compost.

leisa said...

I like 'unpaid bills' on the list... like the paid ones aren't compostable...

Frederick said...

Wool felt will compost but I suspect that cheap polyester stuff they sell now will not decompose this century.

Tracey said...

:) !