Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Late-April :: Garden To Do's

Allo! Allo!

Feeling a tad slumpy these days, yet with so much to do.

I still have my head in the dogwoods - mildly obsessing over the pink variety. Need to remember this obsession for next year's wishy-want list for understory trees.

1. We are coming up on that apex of spring-time . . . the last frost date. I usually stick to Mother's Day for our blustery, mountain region, but it is a little earlier for those of you living in Charlottesville-proper. Have at it - seed, transplant, repeat!

2. Veggies that can be started from seed these weeks - bush and pole beans, Chinese cabbage, cucumbers, muskmelons, okra, pumpkins, radishes, summer squash, sunflowers, swiss chard and watermelons.

3. You can start transplanting your tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, hot peppers and all your herbs. Keep a watchful eye on the possible freak late frost, just-in-case.

4. Shrubs and perennials can continue to be planted. Give them a hearty dose of compost with the backfill. And water deeply for a few weeks.

5. Try a native or two. They laugh in the face of our droughts (and general gardening adversity) and forge on when the going gets tough. My favorite native right now? Virginia Sweetspire (more on that soon . . . )

6. Some simple edibles to try out - juneberries and mulberries (the shrub variety). Visit my new haunt - Edible Landscaping to purchase a plant. Not much land? Try blueberries in a big container. The container will give you the advantage in that you can perfect the growing conditions needed for blueberries.

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