Friday, April 17, 2009

Over The Mountain To Garden Shop!

This is the view from my favorite nursery of all time. Milmont Greenhouses in Stuarts Draft. As if the rows and rows of plants aren't enough? Look-at those mountains.

I feel that I must write of Milmont each and every spring, as each and every gardener should have the good fortune of experiencing the mind-numbing assortment of horticultural goodies that they offer. Maybe it is new to you.

Willa and I even went this past Wednesday, during the cold and the rain. But never-you-mind, it didn't matter. We got some parsley (a cool weather loving herb) and strawberry plants. I'm putting those in big glazed containers as I do not have it in me to fight the good fight of a strawberry patch. Been there, done that, and it sucked.

I also purchased some False Blue Indigo, yarrow, coreopsis and butterfly bushes for the front garden. (All LOW maintenance and drought tolerant - good plants for the newbie gardener.)

I'm at-the-ready for the spring-fever weather that they are promising this weekend - spade in hand. Bring it!

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graduallygreener said...

Keeping strawberry plants in containers is a good idea. Those things will send their runners everywhere and take the place over!