Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LISH Door Prize :: Viewfinder Fern Photo Giveaway!

In honor of a recent Charlottesville visit from Elvis Perkins - I am giving away an 8" X 8" print that I named after one of his songs "I'll Be Arriving."

In case you haven't listened to him, you can't go wrong with either Ash Wednesday or Elvis Perkins in Dearland. Both are the soundtrack to our spring. Seeing him live with That Girl officially made him the bee's knees, in my book.

Please just leave a comment (and your email address) - I'll swirl the random number generator on June 15th!



Anonymous said...



Chelsea said...

Elvis Perkins is my favorite favorite, and your print is lovely.


swampkris said...

OOOOh! I love this print... and now will have to check ou Elvis Perkins!
swampsgate[at]yahoo com

Tracey said...

Thanks for playing, ladies!

Catherine said...

I want in, too. Hope to run into you soon!
catherinehpmalone at gmail dotcom

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me know about the contest! I'd love to win! xxx Leis

Rhianna said...

Very lovely! :)


lara said...

really beautiful! would be great in my new studio.
lara gastinger

Deb said...

My sister sent me your link months ago, and I kept it in a folder and finally decided to visit tonight. I enjoyed your sheet mulching post and will definitely try that out!

I'd like to enter your giveaway, too. (I like over the mountain in Staunton.)

hannah said...

Some beautiful items in your Etsy shop! I'd like to be entered--thanks!

NancyS. said...

I'll have to check him out.

(we moved back to the Midwest but are too lazy to change our email address....)

Carrie Coulson said...

I'm in, too... been looking longingly at your photos for some time.

Thanks, Carrie

zoe krylova said...

you make such pretty pictures! but i'm sorry to say i don't know who elvis perkins is. time to google!

susannah said...

sweet, tracey. i love your photos AND elvis perkins. can i win, please? susannahwood@hotmail.com

rroebuck said...

I am a neighbor in Greenwood and like to read what you growing nearby! I don't have a garden but can enjoy yours.