Friday, June 5, 2009

Ready :: Set :: Weekend!

Here's hoping some salvia and nepeta make in into the Sugar Hollow landscape this weekend.

A busy month of fundraisers (I do graphic design and public relations for freelance weekend work), garden coaching, swim 'lessons' with Willa, testing out the Crozet Farmers' Market and refining my Etsy shop . . . is coming to close.

This weekend is deliciously free and simple. Just a grown-up night out on Saturday to see Steve Earle and celebrate his new album of Townes Van Zandt covers.

The timing of our rains lately have saved the vegetable and perennial gardens from severe neglect. Insane sprouting and growth spurts ensued. With me nary lifting a finger.

I have two more raised beds that I would like to uncover and plant up. One with perennials that also make great cutting flowers - Coreopsis, Black-Eyed Susans, Yarrow and Echinacea. The other, with a dwarf weeping mulberry.

I hope to get out and harvest some herbs for drying. Oregano, chamomile, lavender, sage.

The okra needs to be sown and the collards will follow after that.

This planting combination (photo above) has me thinking I can break our landscaping budget just a bit. Because I need (and can never have enough) blues and purples.

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Happy, soppy Friday!


NancyS. said...

Make sure it's Salvia 'May Night'! My personal favorite of all the salvias out there. And 'Walkers Low' Nepeta. That photo gave me some inspiration! Thanks!


Tracey said...

Hi Nancy!

Thanks a ton for the recommendations!!! Duly noted!


Bonbon Oiseau said...

i love steve earl and i also love that you summed up exactly how i feel, nary lifting a finger although i fear the little guys might need a healthy dose of sun soon no?

Tracey said...

Yes - SUN, BbO. All of those drought-loving plants that I bought earlier in the season are giving up on me. Soon, sun. LOTS of it, I am sure!!