Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Slower Side of Summer

Drying lavender.

Eating calendula biscuits - with Foster's Seven Pepper Jelly (not pictured, but you get the idea).

Sand and sun at Mint Springs. Picnics with friends.

A Sunday supper with Uncle Chris out on our back deck.

Making the most of our CSA and our gardens. Willa has taken a liking to snap peas. Lucky her! Weeks 2 and 3 of the CSA involved many, many salads; bok choy with toasted sesame oil, red pepper flakes and garlic (Thanks, Sarah!); spinach pesto; and Red Russian kale wilted in our favorite Jacques Pepin sausage-potato-onion packet from Fast Food My Way.
I'm trying out this recipe tonight - to use more lettuce and spring onions.

Remembering that some of the best moments are the ones that lack focus. And that summer is best experienced in as many girly skirts as possible.
(This one is from anthropologie a few years back.)

All of my spring work in the front (newish) garden is paying off and getting ready to burst. Butterfly bushes, rose-y coreopsis, nasturtiums, bachelor buttons, daylilies and echinacea.
I need to find some vintage garden chairs so I can watch the show.


Libby said...

OMG, thanks for this Bittman recipe for peas! I am SO using this to get rid of spring onions and lettuce for Friday night's dinner (and I agree, girly skirts are best :) :)

Tracey said...

Have fun with the recipe! I made it last night, but used up our mammoth bok choy instead of lettuce. And pan fried cornmeal dusted flounder to go with it instead of scallops. It (kinda) worked, I think the lettuce would have been sweeter . . .

Bonbon Oiseau said...

beautiful tracey...

Bonbon Oiseau said... do you dry lavender?

Tracey said...

BbO - Just bunch up your lavender and dry upside down. I have tons of it in our mudroom/dogroom and it smells heavenly!