Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Blue Garden :: Going For It

Forever inspired by our mountains, I am planning on having something blue blooming in our garden at all times. Totally kooky? Probably. But I am obsessed with the color. To prevent me from going over the edge - the garden *will* be peppered with pale pinks, the occasional yellows, as well as oranges and reds from our daylily patch. I promise. But something about having the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background and bits of blue around our land makes for garden symmetry and continuity in my mind. And a sense of serenity.

Have ::

Blue Plumbago (summer through fall)
Blue Hydrangea 'Endless Wonder' (summer through fall)
Irises (spring)
Siberian Irises (spring)
Butterfly Bush (summer through fall)
False Blue Indigo (spring)
Russian Sage (summer through fall)
Speedwell (summer)
Salvia 'May Night' (summer)
Virginia Bluebells (spring)
Love-in-a-Mist (spring and early summer)
Bulbs - ephemerals in blue, dwarf irises (late winter and early spring)

Must Haves ::

Monarda 'Blue Stocking' (summer)
Nepeta 'Walker's Low' (summer)
Caryopteris 'Grand Bleu' (summer and early fall)
Asters (fall)
Phlox (late summer or early spring)
More blue bulbs! (late winter and early spring)
Resowing Bachelor Buttons (spring and early summer) and Morning Glory 'Heavenly Blue' (summer and early autumn)
Forget-Me-Nots (spring and early summer)


Katie said...

I love blue flowers! blue daze is a good one. a true blue like morning glories.

NeverEverEmma said...

I love, love love Love in the Mist. Gorgeous.

Amy said...

Lovely blue...

Sarah said...

What a beautiful morning glory photograph! I am also enamored with blue flowers and will refer to your lists. What about the Himalayan Blue Poppy (currently on my try try again list)?

Bridge said...

you so inspire me. I grew morning glories this year up the Stop Sign, up the Mail Box and intertangled with BindWeed. I LOVE IT!

Colleen Wms said...

Nothing silly about blue at all! I did a post last year on that: http://cmchwms.blogspot.com/2008/09/eiffel-65-im-blue-da-ba-dee-da-ba.html
I will use some of your references to add to my gardens! Happy gardening.

Tracey said...

Blue flower lovers unite!!! Glad I am not alone . . .

Raisa said...

I started up a blue garden couple of years ago, inspired by someone's blue garden. It was challenging to find true blue colors. But later I found it to be boring, and add some whites and reds, and it became a primary colors/patriotic colors garden.