Friday, September 18, 2009

Foraging in the Garden :: Rosehips

Last winter was not a good winter for ailments around our house. We were pummelled by cold after cold brought home by baby. Worn out by general busy-ness, working and being a mama, my immune system wasn't in tip-top shape. So there was a nice bit of suffering and a good bit of whinging.

Friends and family were very sympathetic and super helpful. After a mid-winter hike with one dear girlfriend, she took care of me by brewing some rosehip tea - so yummy and sky-rocketingly high in vitamin C. Rose hips have so much vitamin C in fact that one teaspoon of pulp equals four or five navel oranges.

So, during a recent morning walk, I picked rosehips while Willa giggled and watched. I dried them in the oven - at 250 degrees for about an hour. I have them in a sunny windowsill in a glass container right now - if I see any moisture, I will dry them some more - to avoid mildew.

I'll probably just pop one dried rosehip in my pre-bedtime herbal tea for most of the cold season. Keeping the cooties at bay as best I can!


Autumn Belle said...

These rosehips looks good. It'll make a perfect tea with therapeutic effects.

June said...

Oooh, I was thinking rose-hip jam, but I like this simple way to get them into the steam we breathe and tea we sip. Hmmm... thanks!

IndigoHouseCookery said...

I think I would check the drying temp - 250 sounds a bit high - you want all the vit C and other more subtle beneficials. What do the herbals folks say?

Martha said...

I have lots of rose hips . . . you've got me thinking!

Tracey said...

Yes - play around with the drying times and your rosehip stashes! IHC - they didn't seem to dry out very much, even at 250. Still a little juice to them. I am going to check with favorite herbalist books this evening - to see what they say!