Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Print Giveaway (and Etsy's Front Page!)

I was all ready to leave Etsy behind and focus on other things, when I found out my quince photo made the front page last weekend (top row, middle photo). Talk about an injection of inspiration!

So, the shop has been re-opened and I am going to start offering the 8 x 10 sizes of my through-the-viewfinder prints - to make for easier framing. There will be white borders at the top and bottom of each print.*Also,* the 8 X 8 viewfinder prints are on sale for $15 through November 15th.

And, let's do a giveaway of my chives print, Morning Yearning. I'll spin the random number generator next Friday (November 6th) at noon! Visit my shop and then leave a comment here to enter. And don't forget to leave your email - so I can contact the winner!

We have a winner - #15 - va. I will email you shortly to get your address. Thanks for playing, everyone!


Jean said...

One comment, right here ... Email for such things is jean.lightner.norum (at sign) gmail (dot) com

June said...

What I wouldn't give... So lovely!

You can reach me at fourgreenacres (at) gmail (dot) com.

Congratulations on the Etsy showcase! The quince is one of my favorites (not that I don't love everything you do)!

JenniferB said...

I like the stretch out and wait print- so pretty. I too love flowers and try to take some cool pictures.

Ave said...

I like Life Is Sweet print.


Mizz Snape said...

I love 'Somewhere in Between'. I know what you mean by leaving Etsy, but don't! I really like your photography <3


DonidoDesigns said...

your photos are gorgeous! i espeically like this one!

throuthehaze said...

Love them all! One of my faves is the Don't Wake Me print

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

janetfaye said...

I love the Botanical prints.

Thank you!

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys said...

You have such lovely prints in your store!!! My favourite one is the Blown a Wish print...gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I like photos of flowers.
sofitser (at) mail (dot) ru

Anne J said...

like the Blue Sky Blues print, very nice.

Janette said...

Beautiful prints! I especially love Life is Sweet.

Julie said...
stretch out and wait is so pretty.

your photos are gorgeous. I have hearted your shop :)

lanky said...

Congrats on getting to the front page!
I also love the Life is Sweet Print!


va said...

like the stretch out and wait photo -


Congrats to you !!

sabrita said...

What a cool inspiration your story is! I am so happy for you. I love the Life is Sweet & Stretch Out and Wait photos both equally. Thank you for the giveaway.