Friday, October 23, 2009

Where Was I?

Oh, the neglect. The neglect in my garden, the neglect of my blog. I just seemed to have two switches over the past two weeks :: on (work, Willa, wifey-duties/housework) and off (DVD-watching and sleep, lots of sleep).

But there have been some lovely, ever-so-appreciated moments.

Apple butter from my sweet friend, Kris. I regret not bringing it into work with me - as I crave it day and night, yet panic when I see how much has been eaten. It is a *huge* hit with Willa. That's a fruit serving. That's a victory.

Making applesauce with apples from our (very) local orchard - Henley's. When you visit them, there is a kind, older gentleman who carefully peels the apples and gives out tastes. He is their best marketing ploy, ever. We fell in love with Cameos and Grimes Goldens.

Planting garlic. I just ordered the beginner, small garden packet from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and have a patch ready for planting this weekend.

Dinner out with girlfriends at The Local. Pots of tea and autumn patio dining. Most of the menu features ingredients from area farms.

Listening to this and watching this. The Smiths' Johnny Marr and bearded ladies. What's not to like?


Adrian C. Westhampton Beach said...

Oh Garlic!! How I love thee so! Tracey - I love your blog and don't tell you enough!

BlackStar said...

I'm almost finished tucking my garden in for the winter. I've neglected it for a while now, so I completely understand the neglect factor.
What a cute photo of Willa and the garlic!

greg said...

read your blog for the first time. know how you feel at the end of the growing season, all seems so uncontrolled and weedy. our kitchen garden and barrels are teeming with hardy herbs now and so we begin the next phase like you, with garlic sets, pruning grape vines and laying more compost down. had to check out the blue hole today and was not disappointed. been a long time but in the warm rain, with the falls gushing over the rocks, it was magic. keep the good vibes going out there on the Morman's - it's such a beautiful place. tomas rahal