Saturday, November 21, 2009


Photo by Tyler Darden

My article on persimmons is
out in this month's Virgina Living Magazine!


Randy Emmitt said...

This is great to get published! I'm in NC so likely I won't see the article. We have a friend that is an amazing cook, she discover persimmons this fall. She was asking everyone for places to find then. Our little bird planted tree gave us only 36 persimmons this year.

house things said...

I love persimmons. They taste so good and they are such a pretty fruit as well.

Gail said...

We have a few male persimmon trees in the yard...There are trees growing wild all over...Maybe someday I'll see the fruits. Very nice article! Loved the title and photograph! gail

Jean said...

I just love the look of persimmon trees. As your article said, they're beautiful against a blue sky. I didn't know that they were called sugarplums! I will have a big bowl of them on my Thanksgiving table this year (courtesy of a friend's tree). I've only tried one recipe so far (a tea cake) and it reminded me of ginger bread. Congratulations on your very nice article!