Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Cold Frame Summit Talks :: Part 1

Being married to a skilled and very talented carpenter makes the most beautiful designs, materials and craftsmanship available to you at all times. Attention to exquisite details and a sense of things lasting forever and forever are a big part of how his mind works.

So when I brought up the fact that I had in mind a very basic design for a cold frame, that I would pull together from materials sitting around our property, I knew I had a little battle ahead of me. You see, gardening (for me) is about testing or switching out variables from season to season and playing around with the different things that nature offers to get something growing. I was thinking about leaning some old windows at an angle at the base of our house and putting bricks or cinder blocks (not the prettiest, but great for thermal mass) on the sides, throwing some soil in and growing greens months earlier than they would be ready in our raised beds.

This set off alarms with Corey - The windows wouldn't last for more than a few seasons! They need to be at a certain angle! My experiment was pure chaos in his mind. Instead, he had a door that would work out just right - he could craft something, put the door on a hinge, cut pieces of plywood for the sides, etc., etc. He is all about the planning and being precise from the start, I am all about getting out there, giving it a go and learning from that point onward.

We're working on meeting in the middle. More soon . . .


Adrienne said...

ha! Isn't that marriage in general ;-) good luck!

house things said...

Please post the end result. Can't wait to see.