Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Making Plans :: The Honeybee Sanctuary

Globe Thistle 'Blue Glow'

Last year, we watched with interest as busy honeybees covered our sunflowers. I later learned that there are plants that get honeybee engines going more than others. So, I am planning on buying several perennials to add to our front garden that will make perfect landing spots for the bees - for a honeybee sanctuary.

Pincushion Flower (Scabiosa columbaria or caucasica)*
Globe Thistle 'Blue Glow' (Echinops bannaticus)* These may bit a bit tricky, as they require good drainage. But they have lulled me with their beauty and I may willingly be their slave for just that reason.
Blazing Star-Gayfeather (Liatris spp)
Catmint (Nepeta Mussinii)

They will join other bee seducers on our land such as basil, bachelor buttons, cosmos, sunflowers, coreopsis, lavender, oregano, Russian sage, rosemary and thyme.

A comprehensive list of plants for honeybees (and more on the importance of honeybee sanctuaries) can be found at The Melissa Garden website. Photo from Wikimedia.

Spring is still making its way to Sugar Hollow in quiet ways and purple crocuses and bluebirds. I am forever thankful for the brighter evenings - though another storm is threatening snow today. Grrrrr. I think everybody is giving in to what they need to make it to the homestretch and indulging here and there in the ways of food and movies and books.

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to go here for afternoon high tea with friends and the timing couldn't have been better. I mean, who wouldn't find joy in a cucumber sandwich or a madeleine or a scone slathered in Devonshire cream and lemon curd?! I'm hoping at this point, however, that a spring of gardening will take care of a winter of indulging.


Melody said...

Purple crocuses? I've never seen one. I bet they are beautiful!

I love the Globe Thisle. It looks like each little blossom is attached with a pin. It is gorgeous!

Happy Almost-Spring!

Les said...

Several years ago I had the pleasure of hearing the head gardener/horticulturist from Keswick speak. It was enviable seeing his photos where gardening could be done with a large budget.

Rooster Shamblin said...
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