Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring In Motion

I had a moment last Wednesday - after I finished landscape plans for another client, met briefly with the community garden folks, tended to my own early spring garden chores, did some garden writing and put a few new prints up in my Etsy shop. I sat back and saw what a whirling dervish I had become. So happy to see spring - yet not savoring or slowing down. Finding the blur of activity clouding the beauty of the unfurling.

I need more 'No's' in my life, a few more 'Can it wait a few days?' and more rambling walks with Willa and a stinky dog (or two or three). More sitting and watching. And noting. And stillness. It is spring's demure moments, behind the explosion of color and green, that I don't want to miss. And I have one very astute Willa May reminding me of this on a daily basis.

I'm making a promise to myself to reign it in a bit. I started getting kooky again with my list making and was becoming a slave to the cross-things-off moments. Time to flip it back to being okay with the little things I have actually accomplished in a day.

More time picking daffodils. Less time fretting. Happy Spring.

How do you slow things down in your life?

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