Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Design Elements :: Stone and Brick

As things slowly start to heat up here in the South, I am reminded of shade and the respite one can find from the heat in finding cool rocks and flat stones to walk upon. Maybe with some trickling water, bubbling over more and ever more stones. I have been swooning over photos of spiral rock gardens, too (more on that soon).

I have also found myself taking lots of photos this year of bricks and herbs. I mean, they were meant to be together, yes? My day job involves organizing numbers and data - so something about the grid work and star designs get right to me.

I am going to summon the image of the Egyptians building the pyramids and start collecting rocks from around our land. Building small structures and accent points one at a time. I may consider this my resistance training component of my exercise routine, as well. The rustic-ness of the stones will work with our present landscape - bricks may be a-ways away.

Also ::

Speaking of summer fun and water and rocks - I must get back to Goshen Pass this year with Willa and Corey.

I am a late-comer to The Black Keys party, but am glad I arrived. Attack and Release is where I am starting and I already bought a ticket to their September Charlottesville show.

This is the veranda I want for our house. Corey and I have been talking about a screened-in porch and this is what I envision, complete with a pale blue ceiling. I'm pretty sure this is no-where close to what Corey envisions.

I made rhubarb turnovers this weekend with the rhubarb left over from making syrup. I got the idea here and they are, I mean were, super yummy. Even Willa was all, like, "Gimme!"


That Girl said...

Ahhh.....the Black Keys, I'm with ya! I just downloaded Brothers and tickets for the September concert are purchased.

Southern Lady said...

I love the stones and brick. I have some brick pavers left over from our front porch and have been wondering what to do with them. You gave me some good ideas. Carla

pips said...

thanks Tracey for the links to interesting websites! You are my go to resource!

graduallygreener said...

Glad the turnovers worked out!!

Les said...

Goshen Pass is one of my favorites spots in the whole state. I hope you get there soon.